Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dinner, Dance, Party!

Last weekend ING Direct US arranged a dinner dance party in Longwoord Gardens, PA, ‘only’ 30 minutes driving from where I live. Since my lemon had been checked and fixed three times already, I could trust on this car to take me there (I changed its name from Mercury Mystique to Mercury Mistake). The arrival at the party location was unique: from the parking place, we had to walk four minutes to the party location. But, we’re in America... so no walking! 8 busses were ready to pick us up, drive 400 yards and drop us:

On the inside, you could see that people over here know how to organize a large party: the service was great. Food was delicious (a lot of meat), just as the drinks (Heineken! Unfortunately I had to drive back home). Knowing ING Direct US, at some point there should be saved: the music was made by colleagues! The pictures are at the bottom of this message!

By the way, almost daily, someone asks me what I like and what I don’t like about the US so far; apparently, people are curious to know how a European guy looks at the US. To show you my answer:

• What I love the most so far, is a TV channel (one of the 140) called Tru-TV: this channel shows nothing but car chases, COPS and similar programs. Amazing! (and addictive!)

• One thing that I particularly don’t like is the fact that a lot of products are combined with peanut butter. Last week someone offered me a chocolate cookie… at least, that was what I thought. It was peanut butter surrounded by a chocolate layer!! And when I went to the grocery store the other day to buy some Noodles, the only Noodles left were Noodles with peanut butter flavor… I wasn’t hungry anymore.

Click here to check the pictures from the party!