Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Goodbye, Philadelphia!

After living in the States for 13 months, I had to say goodbye to Philadelphia last week.

In the past 13 months, I've seen a lot of the United States: Out of the 50 States, I've visited 24, and the District of Columbia. I've experienced a historical presidential race, while the economy fell hard. I've gotten some great work experience as a Business Analyst; I've been running, playing soccer, bicycling, doing fitness, canoeing, shooting, skiing, snowmobiling, and lots, lots of driving. I've visited 14 sport events, and became a huge fan of the Philadelphia Eagles! I've celebrated Independence Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas on 'the American way', and Sinterklaas the Dutch way ;)

I've been on the beach in January, only two weeks after I walked through the snow at -20; I learned how to play Beer pong, I got to know Philly as an amazing city, and I've seen how an online bank keeps its customers' faith in thought times.

However, every good thing comes to an end. Where I had a Honda Accord, I know ride a bicycle; where I had a penthouse apartment with concierge, I am now apartment-shopping in Amsterdam (always fun...); and the clear sky and hot summer have been traded in for grey and rainy weather. I'm looking forward to continue my career with ING in Amsterdam in April; thanks for all the e-mails I got from everyone!!

Daniel van der Veen

Here are some final Philly-pictures: