Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Philly colors Orange

In Philly, the Orange Soccer Team (or: the Netherlands' soccer team) is popular too. The Irish Pub Fado was filled with orange people during the games, which looks like this:


This makes you feel real Dutch again - everyone wears orange, and we were yelling Dutch team songs all the time. By now, I have arrived in the Netherlands for a week of vacation. I'll be back to report on Independence day on July 4th!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Famous people

Last Saturdaynight I was in Philly with some of my 'buddies' from Delaware, when we ran into Al Morganti . So we walked towards him:

“Hey Al Morganti! How are you”
“Good guys, where are you from?”
“We are from Delaware!”
“Delaware?!? What are you doing in Philly?”
“We are visiting our Dutch friend Daniel, he lives here!”
“Dutch! I was the commenter of the Eurocup in 1988, when the Netherlands won. I will never forget: Gullit en Rijkaard, what a team!”
“Cool! Do you also remember Ven Bestin?”
“Sure! He was a great offender!”
“He is currently the coach of the Dutchies, and we are going to win the Euro again!”
“Wauw, that’s amazing!”

There you go: Dutchies are famous everywhere. And my guests - the locals from Delaware - were very dissapointed: they finally met someone famous, and a Dutch guy that doesn't even know who he is steals the show!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


While everyone in Europe is talking about Euro 2008, we´re in the middle of the baseball season in America. The baseball teams have to play 162 games in the period between April and October, which is 6 games a week! And it is filled with entertainment, just like a flyers game.



Monday, June 9, 2008

US Laws

This week's news: a 78-year old man got hit by a car in Connecticut by a drunk driver, who drove on the wrong side of the road. Unfortunately this happens very often in the US (drunk people driving their car). What happened after this accident was strange however, because no one stopped to help the injured man.

This surprised me too. Usually, people in the US are very friendly and helpful. But a discussion on the radio explained it to me: people got sued in the past for helping the injured after accidents like this. Often, helpful people had to pay claims because they should not have tried to help, according to the victims or their families.

Because of these lawsuits, people got scared to help others. The government therefore made a law with the intention to protect these helpful Americans. The result: the good samaritan law protects people that provide help at the accident before medical specialists have arrived; they may provide this help as long as they are trained to do so. A related law is the duty to rescue : if you caused the accident or you have a special relation with the injured, you have to provide as much help as you can. To make it easier, these laws differ per state.

So in the end, you have to ask yourself three things before you intent to help an individual: did I cause the accident, or do I have a special relation with this person? If yes, you have to provide help. If no, do you want to help? If yes, please consider the following before you start: act rational, in good faith, and in accordance to your medical skills and education. The first thing you should do is call 911, to avoid a ticket. If you start to provide help, you are not allowed to leave the scene until someone with equal or better medical skills arrives. It is also not allowed to ask for any financial compensation after you have helped someone. But, you might be in a state with different laws!

Other than this news, it is extraordinary hot here; over 100 degrees, and it stays this way in the evening because of the high humidity. I have watched the European Championship soccer game of the Netherlands agains Italy today in the Irish Pub in Philly. The Italian community is large here: there were about 20 Italians, and only three Dutchies :( We all stayed positive though. And Orange has won the game!

Monday, June 2, 2008

New apartment

After living in a small studio for a few months, I finnaly found a very nice apartment in Philly. The view is amazing, and the roofdeck is even more spectacular!! By the way - there is a floor missing. Do people really think it gives bad luck to live there? Or is it a smart move to add an extra floor to your building?