Thursday, May 15, 2008

New York, New York

Last weekend, I took a trip to NYC. The capital of the world is only a 90 minute drive from Philadelphia, and still I didn't have a chance to visit it in the previous four months!

Someone told me I could easily park my car in Jersey City, which indeed works perfect. You park the car near the water for $10 a day, you enjoy the view over downtown Manhattan and you take the subway, which takes you to downtown in three minutes.

Despite the fact that I had already seen a lot of NYC last summer, I still enjoyed it very much. It is just the melting pot where people give 110%. Everything is more impressive, faster and full of energy. The commercials are huge and colorfull, and the stores have no limitations - think about basketbal courts and waterfalls within stores.

At a certain point, I was waiting for a traffic light with a group of pedestrians when we heard a sirene coming our way. When the light turned green, we waited and looked for the police car. Nothing to see... Then, Batman came by on a bicycle, imitating a perfect sirene! Everyone laughed and walked on like nothing happened. (I guess NYC traffic is too busy for the BatMobile...)

The pictures (click on them for a larger version):