Thursday, June 19, 2008

Famous people

Last Saturdaynight I was in Philly with some of my 'buddies' from Delaware, when we ran into Al Morganti . So we walked towards him:

“Hey Al Morganti! How are you”
“Good guys, where are you from?”
“We are from Delaware!”
“Delaware?!? What are you doing in Philly?”
“We are visiting our Dutch friend Daniel, he lives here!”
“Dutch! I was the commenter of the Eurocup in 1988, when the Netherlands won. I will never forget: Gullit en Rijkaard, what a team!”
“Cool! Do you also remember Ven Bestin?”
“Sure! He was a great offender!”
“He is currently the coach of the Dutchies, and we are going to win the Euro again!”
“Wauw, that’s amazing!”

There you go: Dutchies are famous everywhere. And my guests - the locals from Delaware - were very dissapointed: they finally met someone famous, and a Dutch guy that doesn't even know who he is steals the show!