Tuesday, October 7, 2008

American Football

September and October are the best months for many Americans: the Baseball season ends (and finally gets a little exciting, after 162 games), while American Football and Hockey start. In a city like Philadelphia (known for its passionate sport fans), you just can´t ignore it: on one day everyone in the city wears red-white shirts to support the Phillies, the next day they´ll wear orange and black for the Flyers, and if the Eagles play, the city totally turns green.

Last Sunday I got the opportunity to visit an Eagles game. By now, I´ve been pulled into sports completely, so I was more than happy to go!!

The fun starts a few hours before the game, when people start Tailgating: fans park their SUVs on a huge parking lot, open their trunk, get a barbeque and the fun begins. Many of them don´t even have a ticket - they´ll just hang out and listen to the radio!

Once you walk into the stadium you´ll be completely overwhelmed - 70.000 people are cheering for the team. After the anthem the players walk onto the field, supported by cheerleaders and loud firework. Our seats were in between many die-hard fans, who listened to the radio during the game and created some great entertainment in the breaks!

A few weeks ago, I visited a sport that is not that popular - but it was fun to see (again, thanks to tailgating): Polo! Although I didn´t have high expectations, it was a lot of fun... Especially to see how horses are being transported (see the last picture!) :)