Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Phillies firework show

Last week gave me the opportunity to watch the American sport, baseball, from two different views. Thursday, a employee outing brought me to the Wilmington Blue Rocks, a baseball team that plays in a small stadium in Wilmington (DE). This is the only professional sports team in the state of Delaware! It was fun to visit with a group of people.

But on Friday, it got a lot bigger: the Phillies had to play against the Arizona Diamondbacks , with fireworks after the game (no one could tell me the reason for the fireworks, but that doesn't really matter). After 12 innings, the Phillies were finally able to win the game. This is a typical rule of American sports: the game goes on until there is a winner. That is also the reason why soccer is not very popular - although it is upcoming - it can be a tie after 90 minutes! Thank god, the Philly Phanatic entertained us during the breaks.

The fireworks afterwards were amazing - definitely worth the wait! See the pictures & video's below.