Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Some random news

- Last Friday (July 18) was the premiere of the new Batman movie: The Dark Night. In the US, this comes along with a hype around the country: many places showed the movie several times during the night between Thursday and Friday. I got the chance to see this movie last Saturday, on an iMax screen in Tropicana in Atlantic City (after a hot, but nice day at the beach). The movie is amazing! And I left the casino with an extra $100. Welcome to the good life!

- I bought a bike! I use this (very non-American) to bike in the city:


Bikes are used for entertainment, they are used in mountains and parks. Biking in the city is pretty hard because there are only a few bike paths and many drivers don't really look out for bikes...

- During the third heat wave of the year, the ING DIRECT soccer team are in the playoffs this week. Tonight, we won the first playoff game! The next game is this Thursday already.

The next picture of Philadelphia was made by my friend Chris, who came to visit me in June. It was taken from the airplane. Click on the picture for a larger version!