Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Sunshine State

After visiting the Smokeys and Atlanta, the road trip went on towards Florida.

The first stop in Florida was Tampa, a huge city in which it took us about 30 minutes to drive to a restaurant or bar. Unfortunately, it was very cold here – about 45 degrees – which basically means that everything stands still; no beach bars, empty clubs, and we could forget our day on the beach. After visiting a centre where bobcats and tigers are being taken care of, we drove on towards the South.

Before hitting Miami, we stopped in the Everglades for an airboat tour. They use the airboats because the water isn’t very deep, and these things basically fly over the water. We saw some alligators and pelicans, and the ‘captain’ was able to pull some nice stunts with the boat!

After this outdoor experience, we drove on towards ‘The city where the heat is on’: Miami! Finally, we hit tropical temperatures- it was in the 70s this weekend. So Saturday, we stayed on the beach all day! Our hotel was only one block away from the beach, which was very nice in this weather!!

It was fun to see the neon lights like we were in Miami Vice. We also visited the area Little Havana – a Cuban area within this city. Hearing Spanish on all the streets was fun in general; just like the palm trees, ferrari’s, beaches, clubs… But, everything has to come to an end :( So we’re in the car now, after making a stop next to the Kennedy Space Center, on our way back to Philly where it’s supposed to snow. Brrrrrr!!