Monday, January 5, 2009

Road trip towards the cold

After my first American christmas, with a lot of food, many presents (even for the dogs) and a christmas party where the decorations in the front yard led to a traffic jam, I made a trip to the most Northern states on the East Coast: Maine and New Hampshire.

We left Philly Tuesday evening with a rented SUV (not because of the low gas prices, we just wanted to survive in the snow.. and gas prices were low anyway :) ), and stayed in Hartford, CT. On Wednesday we left early, but caught a lot of traffic because of the snow! Around 6 pm we took a ferry in picturesque Portland, ME, towards Peaks Island. Since Maine is known for lobsters, ordering one in the hotel restaurant for the heavy price of $15 was the first thing we did! After this meal, we went to a local bar, where new years eve was celebrated with live music.

The next days gave us a chance to get to know the island, the small city of Portland and its area. On Friday we drove to the White Mountains in New Hampshire for some outdoor activities. We tried to ski, but it was very icy; the temperature of -17 didn't make it very pleasant either, so skiing wasn't the best! A trip through Kancamagus Highway was much better: this road has stunning views over the White Mountains. Sunday, we finished the weekend with snowmobiling, which was awesome! Here are the pictures: