Thursday, November 13, 2008


Hockey, Baseball and American Football. What's missing? Basketball! This sport is relatively small in Philadelphia, because their NBA team ‘76ers’ are not performing very well. Moreover, the games are hard to see from the nosebleed section (inexpensive seats, but you are so high up that your nose will start bleeding). Therefore most fans watch the games on TV.

However, thinking about the fact that my time in the US will be over in only three months, I realized that a basketball is definitely another must-see. A co-worker hooked me up with cheap tickets, in a section where my nose didn’t start bleeding :)

The 76ers (last in the Atlantic Eastern League) played the Utah Jazz (first place in the Northwest Western Conference). It was a very good game, unfortunately the 76ers ended up losing with 93-80.

Although it was not as busy as the average Flyers or Eagles game, it was filled with entertainment: hip-hop music, short games during time-outs (like kids dunking via a trampoline) and of course the cheerleaders were there. Another important tradition in the US occurs right before every game: the national anthem. Here’s the video (of the anthem) and some pictures of the game: