Saturday, November 1, 2008


Last Wednesday, de Phillies won the World Championship Series of baseball for the second time in their history. After 162 games and three best-of-seven playoff series, they were finally able to finish it, which means that the city phinally got rid of the Curse of Billy Penn!

After the city of Philadelphia waited 28 years for this, there was a huge desire to celebrate! After they won the final inning, there was a picture of people partying on Broad Street on TV; this made most people in the bar decide to go there too. The result: Broad Street was packed! It was great to stand in between all the partying people - no matter who they were, they all partied together and high-fived each other. Yeah, I waited 28 years for this to happen too, buddy!

On Friday, the Phillies arranged a parade through center city. Unfortunately, I had to work, but here are some pictures of the activities!