Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend in the Pocono's

Last week, I´ve spend a long weekend in the Pocono´s, a mountainous are in PA. After a two hour drive from Philly, we arrived in the most cosi house in the US: with four bedrooms and three entertainment-rooms, there actually wasn't any reason to leave the house! I spent the weekend with a group of people from Philly & the suburbs. A pool-table, air-hockey and about seven tv's made it even more comfy.

But the fun part was the environment: the city was traded in for 'pure nature'. It snowed right before we arrived, deer walked by our house, and the house was next to a nice (but frozen) lake. Next to walking and driving around, pooling, air-hockey'ing and chilling, not much happened! But we did make some pictures: