Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas in NY

Last weekend I visited New York for the christmas season: beautiful store decorations, snow in Central Park, and the 72-feet high Christmas Tree next to the Rockefeller Center. While we were there, we also saw the Top-of-the-Rock: the roofdeck of the Rockefeller Center. While it's not as high as the Empire State Building, it does have a beautiful view over Central Park!

I also ran into a Dutch Eatery, named DankU (Thank you). They sold poffertjes (small pancakes) and kroketten (a fried roll filled with minced meat / mashed potatoes - very fat and very delicious). In case anyone is going to NY soon: it's on 57th Street, next to 6th Avenue!

After all the shopping and Starbucking (it was 18 degrees) the Eagles played Sunday at 4.15 pm. Being addicted to American Football already, I had to see the game! Unfortunately, the New York Jets played at the same time, which made it hard to find a bar to go to where they'd show the Eagles... A search on Google however, told me that Tony Lukes (a -locally- famous Cheesesteak restaurant owner) owns a bar in Manhattan, which is always filled with Eagles fans! That was indeed the case: the bar was all green, and the Cheesesteaks were delicious! Too bad the Eagles lost against the Redskins. Here are some pictures from NY: